Summer School 2024

General Information

Summer School | July 2 - 22, 2024

The SILC Summer School program offers several senior high courses that allow students to earn credits, upgrade marks, lighten workloads for the year ahead or finish pre-requisite courses.

Term 1: July 2-10 (11th Non-Instructional Day)

Term 2: July 12-22 

Full Term: July 2-22 (11th Non-Instructional Day)


We teach all subjects from a Catholic perspective and make connections between subject matter and our Catholic faith whenever possible. This is known as faith permeation and integration.

Registration is open to:
- All Alberta students (grades 9-12) 

- Adult students (students 20 years or older as of September 1, 2023)

**** Please note that a charge of $204/credit will apply ONLY to adult learners****


Location Availability Key 
ABJ- Archbishop Jordan Catholic High School (4001 Emerald Drive, Sherwood Park)

SAB- St. Andre Bessette (8300 Southfort Dr, Fort Saskatchewan)


Asynchronous Learning In-Person Learning
Asynchronous learning allows students to complete work at their own pace and from anywhere in the world. There are daily deadlines that need to be adhered to.  

Each day of Summer School is the equivalent of one week of class during the regular semester. Due to the already abbreviated and rigorous nature of Summer School courses, no provisions will be made for missed classes or the student's late start or early release due to holiday plans, sporting camps, doctor, dental, job interviews, etc.

Students are expected to attend every class as scheduled and to be present on the last day of class to write the final. 

Final exams will not be rescheduled.

Classes will run from 8:00-1:00 PM

Inquiries? email Summer School

Registration & Payment

Registration Fee

  • $50 Non-refundable Registration Fee
  • Adult Learners: $204/credit as per AB ED funding regulations
  • Physical Education will operate on a cost recovery based on the field trip costs. 


Registration forms and fees must be completed using the EICS PowerSchool Parent Portal. Registration will ONLY be confirmed once the registration fee has been fully paid. 

St. Isidore reserves the right to cancel courses due to low enrolment. In this case, a full refund will be issued. 

New to EICS? 

You must first create a SchoolEngage account to register students new to EICS. Please use the following steps to register:

  1. Go to

  2. If you have not yet created an account, click "Create a new account?"

  3. To finish creating a new account, enter the required information and click "Register."

    • Note: A valid email address will be required to complete the sign-up procedure

  4. Once registered, log into SchoolEngage and click the "Add Student" button to add a new student. Then, fill in the student's information.

    • Important: all fields other than the ASN are required.  The school will fill in the ASN itself after registration is complete.

  5. Click the Graduation Hat icon and choose the student you added to see a list of forms.

  6. When students not currently attending an EICS school are being registered, please fill out the A.3 registration form and choose "Summer 2024 Only" in the first dropdown on Page 1. Under Program details on Page 1, choose "yes" for interested in taking summer school, which will open a box to type the course you are interested in taking. 


CURRENTLY an EICS Student? (Please Do NOT submit a registration form)

  1. You can access SchoolEngage simply by logging into your PowerSchool account and clicking "Forms and Fees" on the left-hand side and the Summer School icon will be below.

  2. Click the "Summer School" icon to see the "In-Person" (ABJ, SAB) or "Online Asynchronous" (St. Isidore Learning) courses. Each of the three campuses lists the course offerings available at that campus. (SAB will be near the bottom of in-person)

  3. To register for a course, simply click "Register" under the course and term you want. It will instantly update your registration status. You will need to log in to your PowerSchool Parent portal, where you will see the non-refundable registration fee of $50 which must be paid to confirm your registration.

  4. NOTE: Students will not be registered until the fee has been fully paid. To cancel a course, please contact our office at 780-449-6463.

  5. All course cancellations must be done before June 14th to receive a full refund/credit. 


2024 Course Catalogue

Please note: St. Isidore reserves the right to cancel course (s) due to low enrollment. In this case, a full refund will be issued. 






  • Archbishop Jordan (Sherwood Park) 
  • St. Andre Bessette (Fort Saskatchewan) 
  • St. Isidore Learning Centre – Online Courses (Sherwood Park) 


 Inclusive Learning Supports 

Please note that there are no Education Assistant Supports because Summer School is not a mandatory program. Due to the accelerated nature of instruction and longer school days, it is a program of choice. If you have an Individual Support Plan (ISP), please get in touch with the Inclusive Learning Facilitator or Collaborative Response Coordinator in your school to determine if the mode of instruction offered in Summer School matches the recommendations for success set out in the child's ISP. 


Please note: All Core Courses, Physical Education, and CALM are being offered. Classes under 17 may be moved into an online format.  For further questions, please contact the Principal, Mrs. Damur 780-449-6479 or via email. 




Diploma Exam Information

All Diploma exams will be written at St. Isidore Learning Centre, 310 Broadview Road, Sherwood Park, Alberta.