Genesis Online Education

Online learning is available for students through our Genesis Online Learning program for those students in grades 7-12 who are successful in a self-directed learning environment. Students work on web-based courses using a combination of both synchronous and asynchronous instruction through our new, cutting edge Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). All of our Genesis Online courses are directed, taught, and assessed by our own certified EICS teachers.

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Our programs

At Genesis Online we offer a number of educational pathways, giving students rich opportunities for adapting their learning according to their aspirations and passions.  We offer a full range of programs, from vocational Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) to preparation for trade and technical schools to Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and all our courses are developed within in a faith-rich environment.  Uncertain of your future?  No worries.  Life experiences help shape our interests and passions.  A well-rounded education, with a more general approach, is a great way to find out what you love.

Why Genesis Online?

Flexibility – Students can work at their own pace while still enjoying live-time support, completing courses in a way to work around their lives.

Human Touch – Our web platform and philosophy are built around communication and connection, and our school believes that contact between teachers and students encourages success.  We offer live teacher communication, and online students are able to drop in to visit or seek assistance at our Outreach facility.

Cutting Edge Platform – Canvas is easy to use and provides many rich features, like the ability for both students and teachers to create interactive videos,

Outstanding Teachers – Our teachers are the best.  They are knowledgeable in their fields and are a friendly, engaging bunch, happy to sit down and make you feel welcome.

Faith Integration


Faith Integration means that Christian teaching and perspective are worked into all our courses.  The fruit of this is that all our courses focus on the special nature of Western Civilization as shaped through centuries of Christendom.  We believe that it was part of God’s plan to enter the world in the time and the place that he did: the ancient Mediterranean.  We believe that the meeting of Christianity and Greek culture is the basis of the West, and another part of God’s plan.  We believe that a study of the ancient and the medieval worlds helps us to understand the gift of the Gospel message by watching as Western Civilization emerges from a barbaric, pre-Christian Europe.

In English and in Social Studies, we meet Alberta curriculum by teaching the great books and by teaching a grounded understanding of history.  We study the classics, and we offer such complementary courses as Philosophy, Latin, and European History.  Our Math and Science courses similarly see all scientific study as an exploration of God’s creation, discovering beauty in God’s universe.  We bring the best to our students, whatever stream of study they are in.

The goal of Genesis Online is to implement faith based Catholic education to help form happy, healthy, holy young people who will rise to the challenge of living in 21st century North America.  Take a look at our programs, and come aboard.

Please note

ALL Genesis Online students must complete the ROAD TRIP 101 orientation course before entering their online courses. Student will be automatically enrolled in this course and, upon successful completion, may proceed with their studies.

Canvas: Logging In

If the student already has access to their EICS email ( then do the following: 

1) In Chrome, log into your EICS email. 

2) With your email tab still up, open a new tab and go to The open email should automatically authenticate your Canvas account.

If the student has not yet accessed their EICS email, follow the instructions in this video: