Student Portal

 Growing in Faith Growing in Christ

Our schools use the Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ program for Religious Education.

Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ features a Student-Home website with videos, songs, bible stories, prayers, interactive activities and more -- all designed for students and families to explore their faith together.

Log in at:

UserName: Eics99

Password: Student99


Parish Connection

Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ website for parish and pastoral teams to link the school to parish activities.


UserName: Eics_parish

Password: Religion1

PowerSchool and Canvas Log in

PowerSchool Portal 

PowerSchool is the online conduit where students' marks and teacher comments can be found. PowerSchool gives parents and students continuous access to key information about students' learning.


Canvas is a course management system that supports online learning and teaching. It allows instructors to post information, and assignments online. 

High School Diploma Requirements

For ALL Students - Student MyPass Account

MyPass is the Alberta government's online application for students:

  • to order high school transcripts in English or French
  • view diploma exam marks
  • register to write or rewrite diploma exams with online payment


It's also important for all grade 10-12 students to monitor credits and course enrollments to ensure there are no errors.

 Option 1) To set up your account:

  1. You need is your *Alberta Student Number and a personal email address (not your school email address). Contact Ms. Mangatal if you need help locating the number)

* Your ASN number can be found on PowerSchool

2. Visit:

3. Click on "Sign in with Education Account". Enter your personal email address, and click "I'm new sign me up"

4. Complete the requested information. A PIN Access code will be mailed to you in a week's time. The PIN will allow you to complete the login process.

Please note: Parents can create an account for themselves as well by following the steps listed above. 

Option 2) To have the school set up your account: 

Fill out the Google Form to have SILC assist you with the setup of your myPass account. 

Registering for a Diploma Using MyPass

This scenario begins when a student decides to register for a diploma exam for a course code in a particular exam session / school year.

  1. The student confirms with a school or a writing center that they can write the exam at that location.
  2. The student registers online before the Exam Scheduled Date/Time by logging into myPass and submitting an Diploma Exam Registration Request through the Register for a Diploma Exam screens
  3. myPass processes the registration request (e.g., creates the registration from the completed request and payment).
  4. The student views the registration on myPass on the Diploma Exam Registrations and Results screen to confirm the registration.
  1. The School views the registration to confirm successful registration.
    1. PASIprep Users: View Student - Courses & Marks Tab or List Diploma Exam Registrations or List Diploma Exam Marks
    2. Integrated Users: Get Diploma Exam Mark service

The scenario ends with the Student being registered for the Diploma Exam for the exam sitting at the school/writing center they wish to write in.